Mobile Security – What are you doing to combat BYOD Risk?

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Mobile security plans are important to combat risks of BYOD. (Photo credit: Schill)

Mobile security plans are important to combat risks of BYOD. (Photo credit: Schill)

As companies expand and the consumption of mobility grows, so does the need for mobile security and mobile device protection. It’s estimated that 89% of all employees today use personal mobile devices at work, or are using their work devices for personal applications. The occurrence of “bring your own device” (BYOD) to work can provide many benefits including increased productivity, reduced IT and operating costs, and better mobility for employees. On the other hand, a lack of mobile security leaves businesses wide open to corporate data breaches and unauthorized access of internal systems. 

Currently, only about 40% of companies have mobile security policies in place for personal mobile devices. According to Gartner, 80% of all user access to business applications will be via BYOD by 2020 (compared to only 5% today). So how can your company close the gap between personal communication and mobile security? Implementing a BYOD policy is the first step. Once the policy is in place, maintaining the mobile security infrastructure depends on YOU educating employees on best practices.

Here are 10 tips to lower your BYOD risk:

  1. Use password protected access controls – especially for secure email service 

  2. Control wireless access points

  3. Control application access and permissions

  4. Keep OS, antivirus software and applications up to date

  5. Back up device data

  6. Never store personal financial data on any device

  7. Be cautious of free apps… we repeat, BE CAUTIOUS OF FREE APPS

  8. Run mobile anti-virus software or scanning tools

  9. Consider containerization in case of lost or stolen devices

  10. Use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software as recommended by IT

There are many security solutions available to ensure your business content and applications remain safe. Read more about BYOD practices here, or to speak with a BlackPoint representative regarding mobile security, call 206.575.9511.

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