Tomorrow’s Wireless Office: Will changes by the FCC improve mobilty?

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Tomorrow’s Wireless Office

Tomorrow’s Wireless Office


On February 20th, the FCC approved an order to enhance wireless coverage for consumers by adopting new rules for signal boosters and opening up new frequencies to be accessed by wireless devices. This will have implications for both business and consumers as increased signal strength, data speed and capacity will make how we do business faster and more mobile. Will it be a boom for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) or a bust for protecting customer data?

What does this all mean?

The FCC opted to open new parts of the 5 GHz spectrum for unlicensed users (it previously had bandwidth dedicated to “connected driving” which allows cars to talk to each other, as well as some government users including NASA, the Pentagon, and the Department of Homeland Security). This will result in an increased Wi-Fi speed and overall wireless capacity, and will also reduce congestion at Wi-Fi hotspots. The other aspect of this new order is an enhancement to the signal boosters and increased protection from wireless interference. This will help where the wireless signal is weak and often results in:

  • Dropped calls
  • Reduced data speed
  • Loss of service

What implications will this have on how we do business?

As we become increasingly more mobile in our everyday lives, this will impact how we work and play. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, issues surrounding BYOD arise as employees want access to their work emails, calendars, and applications so they can get work done on the road, and manage their time more efficiently. In addition to the concerns around protecting your customer data as well as your company’s intellectual property, there also raises concerns about whether you have enough wireless coverage to support mobile devices.

How do we implement tomorrow’s wireless office?

Do you currently offer Wi-Fi or have a BYOD policy? Do you have adequate coverage to meet your office space’s needs? What level of mobility can you offer your employees? What level do they need? Get practical advice on these issues as well as hear about what new advances in wireless technology are available today and tomorrow in a free lunch & learn session on March 20th.

The Wireless Office
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