Alpine Food Distributing Inc.

Case Study

Alpine Food Distributing Inc.

Alpine started in 1983 by serving a niche market, selling to jobbers or distributors in smaller quantities, helping them maximize their cash flow while increasing turns. This concept also benefited the manufacturers, who were able to get products to distributors in smaller quantities without lowering their own minimums. Alpine Food Distributing is now one of the largest food distribution companies in the Pacific Northwest, with three locations, 115 employees, and distribution in nine different states. 


ALpine's work environment before adopting Office 365

  • Alpine was running an outdated Mail Server (not Exchange) installed on a local Windows server.   There were support issues, configuration issues and occasionally downtime (1 hour to 2 Days).  
  • The mail server did not support the full feature set of Outlook.
  • Each desktop had a different version of Office ranging from 2003 – 2012.  We had compatibility issues with document sizes, formatting limitations and Outlook mailboxes.


Why Alpine moved to the cloud 

  • Standardization on an Exchange platform
  • Eliminating outdated hardware and email server 
  • Reducing downtime
  • Mobility and remote access - user access onsite or offsite


The Office 365 plans alpine is utilizing

BlackPoint managed and executed the migration of Alpine's emails to an Office 365 environment. Alpine is currently utilizing a wide range of Office 365 plans promoting their productivity and efficiency, like Exchange Online Plan 1, E1, and E3, with the corresponding applications installed.


What benefits alpine noticed after migrating to office 365

  • Reduced downtown
  • Standardization of email accounts, configurations and operations.  All accounts are configured in O365 even with various email clients (Outlook 2010-2013, iPhone, Android)
  • Stability for users and reduction of support issues related to email, Outlook and Office
  • Ability to add, change or delete O365 user subscriptions within minutes
  • Full feature set of O365:  email, skype for business, OneDrive for business, Outlook and automatic Office upgrades (E3 users)
  • Ability to install O365 account on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, pad, phone) for each user.  Provides user with a common platform regardless of device
  • Capability to pick O365 subscription that matches user’s need.  No one-size fits all expenses


Alpine's favorite things about Office 365 

  • Standardization of email
  • Centralization of user accounts
  • Office upgrades
  • Multiple installs per user device
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