Bethany of the Northwest

Case Study

Bethany of the northwest

Bethany of the Northwest is a continuing care ministry, dedicated to enhancing the quality and dignity of life of those who we serve, out of love for God and neighbor. 

The situation

Prior to their partnership with BlackPoint, Bethany of the Northwest had a fairly typically limiting wireless and wired network environment running on old hardware that was declared end of life by the vendor. Their ECS program was not performing well due to the age of the server and network performance. The wireless system was hosted on consumer-based hardware.


Server Infrastructure

Blackpoint’s first priority was updating Bethany of NW’s old VMWare environment to Microsoft Hyper-V environment. Blackpoint started by deploying a new Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V server at 2 locations. Blackoint upgraded the old Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers to Windows Server 2012 and moved everything to new Hyper-V host servers. BlackPoint also worked on a disaster recovery and a business continuity plan, utilizing BlackPoint's hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution.  Blackpoint also implemented a Hyper-V Replica server for disaster recovery scenarios.

Enterprise Wireless Network 

Bethany of NW wanted to stay ahead of their competition by utilizing the most up-to-date, cutting edge wireless technology. Blackpoint designed and deployed an enterprise wireless network for all three sites. The new wireless now provides access to Bethany Staff, Bethany Residents and Bethany Guest users. With the new wireless setup, users now have the ability to roam around all three location without losing connection to the wireless.  The new wireless system was also verified compliant with HIPPA and provided required login as per HIPPA requirements.

Internet-phone upgrade

Users at the Silver Lake site were experiencing downtime accessing the ECS program from the main site due to connection speed limits between the Pacific and the Silverlake sites. Blackpoint assisted finding a new provider who offered high speed internet service at a lower price. Blackpoint also assisted implementing fiber internet service and phone service at the main location. These changes reduced the ECS downtime to zero.

Remote access for clinical vendors

Blackpoint implemented a system for clinical vendors to access Bethany’s ECS system via a remote app.  This provided limited access to ECS only. This eliminated the need for vendors to use Bethany’s workstations.


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