Triumph Expo & Events Inc.

Case Study

Triumph Expo & Events Inc.

One of the Northwest's leading full-service event management and marketing companies. Our mission is to provide our clients with an exceptional tradeshow or event experience by constantly and consistently exceeding their expectations on every level.


Office 365 transformed Triumph Expo's work environment 

  • Over 50% growth in less than 2 years.
  • Unprecedented remote access to projects.
  • Easier collaboration between employees and clients.
  • No more costly on-site email servers to manage, maintain, or protect from hackers.
  • No more late night email server crashes and storage crises.

Office 365 wasn’t just an upgrade – it was a paradigm shift.


High Overhead, Low Productivity

With over 40 users, nowhere near enough email storage space, and several on-premise, outdated servers, Triumph was constantly putting out fires (not literally).

  • Down email - Email storage space would frequently reach capacity and one of two things would happen: the IT Director would scramble to compress files in the database or the system would crash altogether leaving Triumph's employee's without email.
  • Complicated server issues - Triumph's IT Director would often get a call at 1am saying the server is down 
  • Quite a hit to the bottom line - For an event management company's employees who rely so heavily on email, down time would cost a fortune. 


The Solution

BlackPoint managed and executed the migration of Triumph's emails to an O365 Hosted Exchange server, as well as utilized O365's cost-effective, collaborative business plans for employees such as the O365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plan.


"I don't need to worry when it crashes because Microsoft gets their people working on it and magically it's up and running two hours stress level is way down"

- Philip Maddalosso, IT Manager, Triumph Expo & Events


Set for the future

Transitioning Triumph to Office 365 Hosted Exchange saved time, money, and a headache - all risk associated with the server was transferred to Microsoft engineers, and Triumph can continue their upward trajectory. 

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