5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Users in Office 365

IT services include managing Office 365 userWhen a new employee is hired, a new user account must be created; and when an employee ends his or her time at an organization, their user account must be disabled and eventually removed. Managing a single user account might seem like a simple task, but what happens when you start managing hundreds or even thousands of users? 


Luckily, the features and functionalities within Office 365 bring your users the power of collaboration and increased productivity, ultimately making their job easier, and by practicing the following five tips, your job can be easier too!


1. Use Azure Active Directory: By synchronizing your user accounts to the active directory your user's identities are stored in the Cloud hosting O365, by implementing a simple and straight-forward method of single sign on. This provides a more secure solution for your organization through the use of stronger identity management. 


2. Split Administrative Controls: Office 365 provides role-based administrative functionality so that each component of the platform can be managed by separate administrators. This allows administrators to specify access permission to documents, workbooks, and presentations. By splitting off roles, you ensure appropriate use of content by the right people. That way, more sensitive information is at lesser risk of becoming visible to unauthorized parties. 


3. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication: Multi-factor authentication of MFA requires a second means of verification beyond generic user names and passwords, specifically designed to eliminate password theft and ensure users are who they claim to be. 


4. Utilize Complex Passwords: We all know how important it is to create a password that is comprised of 8 to 10 characters containing capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to ensure you are not the victim of identity theft. However, we also encourage users to create passwords that spread out the use of these characters, as well as avoiding personal content. To make your password even stronger you can avoid the use dictionary words and increase the use of abbreviation and acronyms. 


5. Deploy Self-Service Password Reset:  This feature is distinguished by its ease of use and deployment; allowing users to reset their passwords at anytime, from any location, and any device by answering configured validation questions. This allows more productivity for departments like help desk by removing the need for users to ask for help desk assistance in changing their passwords. 


Without proper management, users will struggle to access the information they need to collaborate and be productive, which is why organizations should follow these five best practices for effectively managing user accounts via Office 365. 


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