Broadband as a Driver of Business Growth in the Digital Age

World communications have shifted from a telephone and mail-based system to a model that relies on real-time digital communications. Businesses and customers find each other through online, always-on connectivity. Websites, e-commerce, social media, digital apps, etc., are accessed through computers and smart mobile devices that are often the first interaction in the sales process. If your organization doesn't harness these tools, you are quickly left behind.  

Today's marketplace demands high-speed connectivity that enables companies to take advantage of new digital tools required for daily tasks. Most modern businesses are dependent on the internet for advertising, selling, research, and communication. Entire industries have emerged with the availability of high-speed internet. Telemedicine, for example, requires doctors to interact with patients and technicians through advanced digital tools enabling them to view medical tests and make time-sensitive decisions. Businesses with global e-commerce services need sufficient bandwidth to connect with customers and partners across geographic areas.


There are many essential benefits your business can realize through broadband. Understanding the advantages will help business leaders see the full picture of what broadband deliver.

  • Productivity boost. With more bandwidth, employees have easier access to information they need to do their job — faster transmissions and receipt of files — easier downloading and uploading of data. Employee productivity is a crucial metric for business success. 
  • Remote workforce. The unemployment rate in the United States is hovering around 3.5%, which means competitors are recruiting valuable employees regularly. Broadband connectivity gives employers the ability to offer greater flexibility for the work location. With high-speed connectivity, employees can work from home, from another office, or while traveling. It isn't uncommon for employees to collaborate using video conferencing, teleconferencing, or through other online tools that make data sharing between people from disparate locations straightforward. This flexibility can lead to increased employee satisfaction, higher productivity, reduced travel costs, and a better work-life balance. 
  • Seamless cloud connectivity. Most modern businesses use the cloud in one form or another. Business-critical cloud applications such as security, backup, and upgrades generally require high-speed broadband. Some cloud applications (Microsoft 365, for example) have an 'offline' mode for use anywhere. The challenge is when employees are back online, their ability to sync, download, and upload files all depend on a fast internet connection.  
  • Innovation accelerator. Fast and reliable internet connectivity is essential for companies to deliver innovative products to their customers. In the digital design industry, for instance, upload speed is crucial. Traditional connection models take hours, overnight, or fail to update and deliver huge files. Digital designers need to be able to share large designs with their clients, and fast broadband allows that.

Business-Critical Broadband Features

Business broadband packages are standard. Depending on the needs and budget of the business, there are three key areas IT executives need to assess.

  • Speed and download limits. Whether video conferencing, sharing files, checking emails, or merely browsing, businesses want a connectivity service that can provide a smooth experience. Internet providers can give priority to businesses over residential customers so that speed is consistent even during peak hours. Companies should look for a provider that offers a bandwidth cap that allows high-speed capabilities for multiple users and devices.
  • Security. For a business, a security breach could be devastating, and they are increasingly common. Companies should look for deals that come with better security features to protect hardware, software, and data from viruses, malware, and malicious attacks.
  • Scalability. As businesses expand, they will need scalable broadband packages to keep pace with growth. Packages have various options for both small businesses and large corporations.

Broadband is a crucial driver of business growth. Get to know more about how broadband can grow your business by contacting BlackPoint IT Services today.

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