Managed Services are in Demand

Demand for managed services is on the rise. As the pace of innovation accelerates, companies struggle to keep up with the complexities of sophisticated technology. New cybersecurity risk and compliance regulations put increased pressure on IT staff and raise the bar the skills required. In an environment where there are never enough resources, tasking a stretched IT team to do even more isn't possible.  

Managed Services and Digital Transformation

Most organizations are now familiar with cloud solutions. It wasn't that long ago, the approach to cloud solutions was a bit hesitant. Many are now talking about a "multi-cloud" environment. As comfort with the cloud and multiple cloud services grows, some organizations are accelerating their digital transformation plans based on the benefits they've realized from cloud technology. For many of these organizations, managed services can help link together all the components they have housed in the cloud.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can deliver the services needed in a flexible model, with savvy IT experts always available. And, the "as-a-Service" model is no longer considered an option only for cloud services. There are countless products, tools and services that businesses can now access giving rise to the term Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS).

XaaS Expansion 

XaaS refers to services or applications that can be delivered over the network instead of an on-premise service. No longer relegated to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), the XaaS model is a bundled approach to items like managed services, security, and everything in between. Many have evolved beyond approaching as-a-service as a way to outsource a task. They are now looking for vertical solutions that will include disaster recovery, managed hosting, and other services. 

Instead of purchasing servers, hard drives, network switches, software deployments, the organization can work with a MSP to receive only the services needed. Additionally, if they need to add or reduce capacity the business can simply talk to their MSP as opposed to buying more equipment or suffering through unused resources. Cost reduction and simplify the IT environment are significant drivers for many organizations. 

XaaS and Managed Services

Your IT environment might be simplier, scalable and more cost-effective with XaaS, but how many services can your team then manage. Many experts predict there will be an increase in the demand for providers that create a connect-the-dots service level. These services would knit together all the XaaS solutions the business is using and make sure there aren't problems. 

As cloud technology advances, there will be more changes to how companies manage their various approaches, but the trend toward XaaS appears to have lasting power. There's an increased demand for managed services to provide connectivity between cloud solutions and help companies streamline their IT environment.

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