BlackPoint Healthcare Series: Using the Power of Technology to boost Productivity

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BlackPoint is kicking off its 3-part Healthcare Series where we explore 1.) how technology, connected devices, and automation can improve your productivity, 2.) how to cut costs using that technology, and 3.) how to protect that technology from cyber attacks.

Everything seems to be connected these days. With innovations in healthcare launching daily, creating new opportunities for better treatment, higher productivity, and more efficient communication within the medical facilities, the healthcare industry is experiencing a surge in transformative new technologies; it's difficult not to be hopeful about a bright new future.

By making it easier to see a physician without taking time off work or traveling to a clinic, telemedicine is winning patients over. In fact, 83% of patients who have participated in a telehealth visit felt they've received quality care. The adoption of telemedicine – remote diagnosis and treatment of patients via telecom – has care facilities seeing benefits in a big way.

For starters, the cost to the patient of a routine doctor’s visit is currently approximately $100, compared to $45 for a virtual visit. With telemedicine, also known as "telehealth,” patients don’t need to take time off work or even leave the house. Doctors can work from anywhere, at any time when it's most convenient for their patients. Healthcare professionals, with the help of telemedicine, can now evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at virtually any distance. This drives more flexible office hours, fewer patients in waiting rooms, and less patient non-compliance with treatment plans as more consistent follow-ups are possible through video calls.

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Healthcare IOT is a life saver application in the healthcare industry. It easily monitors and tracks every patient's health without visiting a physician. Experts can give remote diagnosis and treatment, trace medical aspects providing quality care more quickly, and manage health care more efficiently. In a single application on a mobile device, patients and staff can surely manage IOT data.

From remote monitoring, to predictive device management and maintenence, to asset management, to patient health statistics monitoring, there are endless possibilities for providing care when your tools and techniques are connected to your network and have advanced capabilities. The potential of emerging technology within the healthcare sector is boundless, transforming care delivery, patient satisfaction, and the very industry itself. With intuitive solutions from BlackPoint IT Services, healthcare
quality and equipment can continue to evolve.


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