Managed Services Primer

The term "managed services" is often thrown into discussions with the assumption that everyone has the same shared understanding of what it means. Unfortunately, if you ask a group to define it, you are likely to get a variety of answers. Why are there so many opinions on managed services? There are lots of options!

While there are several types of managed services, they involve outsourcing day-to-day technology management to improve the efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness of the organization. As businesses have experienced gains from transferring the burden of maintaining IT to a service provider, service providers are coming up with new offerings. Popular new services include managed security solutions and cloud services

With all the new managed service offerings available, it is helpful to think of them in several categories:

Managed Monitoring Services: 

You own the software or technology solution and need assistance in monitoring the system. In this model, you'll retain ownership for the technology, and its physical location won't change. You will have support managing alerts and have a trusted expert providing recommendations. This service is helpful for companies that aren't ready to jump into managed services but are ready to take advantage of the support services offered. 

Managed Operating Services: 

When you are ready to take the next step in a managed services evolution, outsourcing your IT operations is often the service selected. These services are helpful when your business needs assistance in monitoring and maintaining the system.  

Managed Services Optimize: 

Historically, companies would hire a professional services partner to access the condition of the IT systems and make recommendations based on your goals. Once the specific objective is complete, the partner would hand the keys back. Today, your network and systems can be optimized continually. With ongoing assessments, a managed services partner can make adjustments as needed vs. at periodic intervals. 

Managed Transformation Services: 

Digital transformation isn't a one time initiative. The right partner will help you with ongoing operations, optimization, and support. You will no longer have to hunt down the latest technology advancements or spend hours researching how to achieve your goals. A trusted managed services partner will actively work with you and your team to ensure you have all the information necessary to enhance the strategic value of your IT systems. 

Managed Everything as a Service (XaaS): 

XaaS is the area of managed services that holds the most potential in the future market. As businesses are embracing the benefits that come from the adoption of cloud technology, they require a trusted partner that can develop custom hybrid solutions or complete cloud migration.

The migration to the cloud also means that businesses need assistance in optimizing their infrastructure, networks, and software to get the best possible benefit from cloud technology. Many IT professionals identify the need for an increased understanding of cloud capabilities as a central pain point for their technology plans. They understand the need for a customer-focused business plan, and cloud technology provides the user-friendly experience that edges out the competition.

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