The Next Evolution of Ransomware

Last Friday, the media was buzzing with news on the Facebook hacking, which exposed the information of more than an estimated 50-million users. While cyber-attacks are not a new phenomenon, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated, vicious and costly to remedy. Many people either do not adequately prepare to handle and avoid an attack due to a lack of knowledge or fall into a false sense of security believing that they are immune. As cyber-attacks continue to evolve, so must the security measures taken by businesses to stay protected. 

In regard to the severity and ramifications for businesses, the most harmful cyber-attack is ransomware. The impact of ransomware on small and medium sized businesses is staggering. It is estimated that it can cost these companies an average of $133,000 to recover from a ransomware attack. Of the companies hit, 60% of SMBs are out of business within six months. The intrusion impacts more than just the company, as personal data from the business’s clients may be stolen, which could result in, not only, financial damage, but injury to reputation.

There are steps you can take and new security measures to deploy to help avoid an attack and recover if you fall victim to ransomware. We urge you to not fall prey to the belief that your business is invincible, but to arm yourself with knowledge on this topic by attending “The Next Evolution of Ransomware Webinar” on October 25th.

For a brief (and entertaining!) refresher on what ransomware is and how it works, check out the two-minute video, Ransombear, by WatchGuard Technologies:

ransombear 2

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