The Next Evolution of Ransomware - webinar recording now available


Learn more about IT Services and RansomwareThere are never enough webinars about ransomware, in our opinion. We've all seen it in the news, and we know it's an imminent and global threat to the success of our organizations, companies, and public entities. The world is fast-changing, with technology at the helm, and not far behind is ransomware growing and becoming increasingly more complex. While no company is immune, the impact to small and midsize businesses is staggering. 

During last week's webinar, our audience members discovered just how vast the world of hackers and ransomware really is, and how vulnerable SMBs are to their attacks. Follow WatchGuard Technologies' Senior Security Analyst, Marc Laliberte, and BlackPoint IT Services' Senior Account Manager, Cheri Carr, as they discuss the evolution of ransomware by clicking the link below.

Listen to the recording now:

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